The Rock ‘N Roll & Dolls Show is all new!

The Rock ‘N Roll & Dolls Show is all new!

Rock 'N Roll & Dolls is All New!

Kaley has returned as a panel member and friend of the show.

     The past few months have been very busy for Kaley. It all started in April, 2022 with a couple of people wanting to interview Ainidoll. The Kinky Cocktail Hour and The Rock ‘N Roll & Doll Show. Since then, with the exposure to Discord, Kaley has connected with quite a large community of doll owners and enthusiasts.

     Ainidoll now has a server on Discord that we invite all new doll owners and people looking to purchase a doll to come and check it out and connect with other doll owners. If you’re new to the world of Discord, it’ll give you some idea of what the doll life is all about.


     If you’re not a member of Discord, the invite will grant you a temporary membership. But you’ll be kicked when you disconnect. That means you’ll need a membership to get back in. Discord is free and was created for gamers around the world to be able to connect and play online together. You can post messages, pictures, and videos. Live vidoechat with one another, similar to Zoom. And livestream videos and games.

     The Rock ‘N Roll & Doll Show airs every Tuesday at 8:45 PM EST. It can get a bit out of hand at times, after all, you didn’t know that they’re all pirates! We talk about different sex dolls from every company on Earth. Reviewing them and discussing new features and new technology related to them. Doll care & maintenance. Articles relating to dolls, whether it be a lifestyle piece or things that could affect ownership of them. The debates over them and certain other dolls, like our Cutie line, rage on. Hope to see you there.

     In addition, The Rock N’ Roll & Doll’s website hosts an exclusive “Dolls After Dark” show on  Wednesdays @ 11:00 PM EST. Where the real debauchery begins…

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