Kaley is on The Rock ‘N Roll & Dolls weekly YouTube Show.

Kaley is on The Rock ‘N Roll & Dolls weekly YouTube Show.

A friend of the show and panel member.

For the past few weeks, Kaley has not only been a guest, but is now a regular panel member of The Rock ‘N Roll & Dolls Show. It Airs Tuesdays at 8:45PM EST on their YouTube Channel.

Some of our AINIDOLL doll products are featured along with many of our other doll friends. You’ll frequently see Kaley, Hayden, and Sierra on the show. All of which are Ainidolls. There is much friendly banter between panel members and the Discord community. We talk about headlines and current events relevant to companion dolls. Also, we’ll cover new technologies, new features, and review different models and manufacturers of companion dolls. Sharing pictures, videos, and sound clips of our dolls. Yes, sound clips! Through a web app called ‘Voicemaker’, we have given our dolls the ability to speak their minds.

Everyone loves Fenberry and “Chloe Says”. Hayden usually has something to share each week. Also, Hayden and Chloe have become friends, even though they live half a world apart. It’s a very relaxed format style show that is always available as a ‘replay’. Sometimes it can run over two hours, depending on what Capt. Nightmare wants to cover. And occasionally we discuss, share and enjoy some good old fashioned adult entertainment! Won’t you come and join us!

The web address is: Rock N’ Roll & Dolls – YouTube

Kaley is on The Rock ‘N Roll & Dolls weekly YouTube Show.

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