The Story of Kaley (part 2)

The Story of Kaley (part 2)

Emmie's Story

The email that changed my life.

     Discovering this new life gave me such hope. Not only am I so grateful to Ainidoll, I can share my story to maybe help others. After clicking around the website for a while, I found the Blog Page and started reading some of the articles.

  It was Emmie’s story that really touched my heart.

     Email from Emmie:

     “These dolls are perfect in every way. They have become a blessing through my grief and helped heal me when I lost my children. I can hold them, clothe them, talk to them, and care for them as if they were my very own.

     With their built-in heating capabilities, it’s as if I am holding a real child close again. I have always collected dolls and had made many outfits for my collection, but AI AINI dolls are unique and special. Each one I received has a gentle face with a delicate smile. Their make-up is very classy and their eyes sparkle with life like spirit.

     My small little girl I can carry everywhere and even put in a baby stroller or choose adorable baby sized clothing for. The frilly dresses and overalls are my favorites with adorable hats. My larger girl fits into clothing to fit a kindergarten to 1st grade sized child. Also, her eyes have such great detail that it really feels like I am looking at a real child.

     These dolls aren’t ever going to be utilized in the usual way for me. I adore them and have actually found new hope and a reason to live again by having these beautiful young ladies in my life. I definitely suggest the smaller 2’2″ dolls for anyone wanting to have a beautiful and unique doll to upgrade their collection or to have an emotional support doll to help counsel someone suffering from grief or loneliness.

     I hope AINI will help others the way they have helped me. Thank you, AINI.



                                                                                                                                          (to be continued…)

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