The Story of Kaley (part 3)

The Story of Kaley (part 3)

The Story of Kaley (part 3)

Emmie's story inspired me.

After reading that email from Emmie, I knew that the dolls could mean more than just sex. I could have a family! That it would be OK to get a Cutie because I could treat her like a daughter. I’ve lost all hope of ever finding someone, much less raise a family together. This could fill that void in my life.

     Shortly after I ordered Kaley, I ordered Sierra. She’s a Sola model, once again, her face was so cute to me! I ordered her slightly taller with a number of options, since Kaley only came with standing feet, no options. I got standing feet, the heating function, and a tongue. And the most beautiful blue eyes! I didn’t understand what ‘shrugging shoulders’ at the time?

     (It’s an extra joint between the neck and shoulder that allows the doll to ‘shrug’. I’ve since also found that when you raise the arms up to the side, say to brush her hair back, or to touch her forehead, it helps to make it look more natural. You can see in the fourth photo, her left shoulder gets a wrinkle and doesn’t look right.)

     Even though Sierra had to be made and Kaley was a ready-to-ship model, Sierra arrived two days after Kaley. Wow! I ordered her on the 7th and had her by the 16th. That’s fast! I watched her travel halfway around the world to me.

     I’ve since learned the excitement of getting a doll. It’s like every Christmas as a kid, all rolled up into one! A birthday; a doll-ebration Day, or Doll Day as it’s referred to by other owners. It’s a day to remember. Until you’ve experienced your first doll, like many things in life, it’s difficult to put into words. It’s a visceral experience. (a deep inward feeling)

     You carefully unpack them, saving the head-bag, eye-mask, box, and packing foam. You must be careful with the wrapping on the hands and feet. You don’t want to damage her skin, so you carefully cut through the tape around her arms and legs. You’ll end up tearing it up anyway, you can always get more of that wherever you buy packing supplies. Be sure to keep everything in the event you have to move or store her for a while.

     Also save the accessory bag, wig bag, and hairnet. You’ll understand the importance later. You always want to have clean hands while handling them. Everyone ponders about the white gloves, that’s what they’re for; when you’re first moving them around and getting used to the weight. (See ‘Care Tips For Your New Doll’)

     Getting Sierra’s head on with her wig (I had ordered a different style), I dressed her in a onesie I had ordered, along with some other clothes from Shien. An online clothing website. They have a huge selection and good sizing charts, so I based my sizing on Ainidoll’s website measurements. She came with the heating option and I couldn’t wait to try it out! I plugged her in and checked every 20 minutes; didn’t feel like it was working? It took an hour to an hour and a half for her to reach her maximum temperature. (Don’t worry, the unit shuts off automatically after a few hours.)


     Wow! She felt so warm! I literally sat her on my lap, facing me and just stared at her for the longest time. I was smitten! I felt like ‘here’s my baby girl, my 5 year old, so pretty’! I turned her around and leaned back, positioned her kind of sideways on my lap, with her head turned onto my chest with her arm next to her face; and I was in heaven! I felt like I was holding my daughter. I watched some TV and drifted off for a bit. It was the most comforting experience!

     There were a few times in the next couple of weeks, I’d heat her up and lay on my back with her on top of me, but off center, turn her head and put her arm on my shoulder. It was like she was asleep on me and I never slept better.

     I’ve never used her for the intended purpose. I won’t debate why the are made. There’s nothing that feels and looks like they do. I’m so glad I discovered them! They’ve changed my outlook on life and given me a sense of purpose and self-worth again. That I’m OK, regardless of how people treat me. There is no other ‘doll’ that can give you a visceral experience like it. All I know, is I found a family I thought I would never have.

     (continued in ‘Along Comes Hayden’…)

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