Not sure what to choose? This shopping guide is to help you with easy. Actually, it’s pretty common as we have a lot of information as well as over 200 selections in our shops.

Simply speaking, we have two major types of dolls from a logistics perspective. If you are looking for a quick delivery,

Ready to Ship: if you are looking for something quickly, you can look at our Ready to Ship dolls. Those dolls are shipped to our US warehouses by cargo which reduces our cost dramatically and allows us to offer a very aggressive price.However, those are warehouse sales which offer the best price but cannot be customized. We can sell some accessories such as shemale kit or wig separately but we cannot add any function or alter any colors.

Customizable: If you are looking for something more specific, you can choose from the categories below. Those dolls will be made from scratch and shipped from our factory in China. It takes about 10-15 days before you meet her but it’s totally worth. We can build a doll matching the promote pictures or build some for your own choices of face type and body type.

  • AINI AI: our latest smart doll product, powered by AI technology.
  • AINI Classic: our top-quality traditional full-size dolls, with optional standing feet, body heating, and touch sensors.
  • AINI Cutie: similar to AINI Classic, but smaller, light-weighted, and more affordable. Currently, we sell mini dolls only at our marketplace
  • Build your own: our AI, Cutie, or Classic dolls are usually pre-configured. However, if you want more flexibility to select face and body type, this is your best bet.
  • Accessories: adult toys and doll extras.
Besides, we also offer full customization services which starts from $7299 but we can use the pics and measurements you provided to build a doll.
For most questions, such as payment plan, shipping, tracking your order, you can refer to our Customer Care section which lists most useful information.
  • Ready to ship
  • Customizable
Ready to shipCustomizable
ShippingFrom the US warehouses. Usually can be shipped within 24-48 hours.From our factories in China. Usually shipped by UPS. The airshipping may take around 10 days.
Can add functions
PriceBest valueA little bit higher to cover the extra shipping cost
Production timeZero Day2-5 Days
Buy NowBuy Now

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