Doll robotic feature showcase

Doll robotic feature showcase

We had a soft-launching for our companion doll robotic features early this year. In the past few months, we have fulfilled a few orders with robotic hips, robotic vagina and robotic BJ functions. If you are interested in getting those functions, please read the following information carefully.

We have received got a lot of inquiries about those features. What we can do and cannot do? We have had another blog earlier to show promotional videos from the supplier. This time, we will cover more in details. You will also see the real product video demos from our past deliveries.

First of all, we want to talk about options. A lot of customers want to have an all-in-one solution. However, there are some limitations. Simply speaking, size matters. The dolls have different sizes/internal space for different heights. We want to have your business and want you to have a perfect doll but we cannot fit everything in one doll.

Wired and wireless

For vagina and hips, we can do wired and wireless versions. Wired means you have to plug it in when the doll is in action. Wireless comes with a rechargeable battery. Usually, most people choose wireless vagina but we can only have one battery. It means if you choose only hips, we can do either wired or wireless. If you choose vagina + hips, we can only do wireless vagina + wired hip. For BJ function, we can only do wireless with a remote control. Also, once you choose BJ function, you cannot have other two functions.

Options we may have

Options 1:  Vagina only – wired

Available collections: Cutie, Classic, and AI dolls

Option 2: Vagina only – wireless (It has a built-in rechargeable battery. The battery can last for hours once it’s fully charge. It also works when the battery is dead if you plug it in.

Available collections: Classic, and AI dolls

Option 3: Hips only – wired

Available collections: Classic, and AI dolls. 148cm/4’10 or above

Option 4: Hips only – wireless 

Available collections: Classic, and AI dolls. 155cm/5’1 or above

Option 5: Wireless vagina + wired hips. It’s the most popular option

Available collections: Classic, and AI dolls. 148cm/4’10 or above

Option 6: BJ only – wireless. It has a remote control and you can adjust speed. However, due to the space limit, once you select this function, you cannot add vagina or hips.

Available collections: Classic, and AI dolls. 148cm/4’10 or above

For any question, simple contact us at [email protected]

Order #25526

CustomizationVoice with touch sensorsRobotic hipsJointed fingers

Open box pic provided by our customer Ron (From New Hampshire, USA)

Wireless vagina

Order 22654 AI doll with pregnant body and wireless vagina

Order 22659 AI doll with tanned body and wireless vagina

Wired vigina

Order 27880 148cm/4’10 classic doll with wired vagina

Order #27008

CustomizationRobotic vaginaRobotic hipsAI doll

Wireless robotic blow job function

Order 28655 AI doll with wireless robotic BJ function

Order 28128 Classic doll with wireless robotic BJ function

Order #28917

CustomizationRobotic vaginaAI doll

Jointed fingers

Order 28430 5’2/158cm classic doll with articulated hands and gel filled breast

Order 30126 Classic doll with articulated hands, gel-filled breast, perm hair, and perm eyelashes

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