Why do we have to stop offering small dolls?

Why do we have to stop offering small dolls?

Even we though we have helped thousands of customers to get their dolls, we understand smaller dolls are still controversial to some people or some places. A lot of customers are grateful when they get a quality doll with a very aggressive price from us. While some people still ask us why we offer such a young-looking doll. We understand that false beliefs about them are everywhere in our world. We also believe that we are not doing anything evil or wrong by carrying smaller dolls. Actually, we have helped a lot of people.

Why did we carry small dolls?
One known pain point for companion dolls is the weight. It’s even more difficult for senior customers or customers with physical challenges. In the past, we have saw someone purchased a 90 lbs dolls from us while he is on wheel chair. The end story is that he had to get another wheelchair for the doll.
Smaller dolls are usually 30-50 lbs which are much more manageable. It’s much more user friendly. Since 2020, there are a few times that we wanted to cut this product line, but we still keep it today just for those customers.

What’s a young-looking doll?
A lot of people, including someone from law enforcement, asked us the question. What’s your dolls age? There is no such a thing called age for a doll. When we make smaller or miniature dolls, we just use a full size doll’s mold and scale it down. Some people even thing we use real child model which is absolutely a joke. A doll is a doll. It’s only about body type, weight, face, wig and functions. It’s nothing to do with child porn or pedophilia. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks it this way.

What’s our plan and why?
We will stop carry smaller dolls and young-looking dolls starting next week. We actually made much less profit selling smaller dolls than full size dolls. We keep the products for a lot of senior customers but unfortunately not everyone appreciates it. Those controversial products have affected our main business. If we want to run a health business, we have to cut those products.

What if I still want to buy in the future?
If you concern about the weight of a full-size doll or do have physical challenge to carry a full-size doll, you can still contact us. We can connect you to the overseas suppliers directly and stand behind the products as before. Thank you for your support and understanding!

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