Care Tips for Your New Doll: Avoiding Common Problems

Care Tips for Your New Doll: Avoiding Common Problems

You work hard. You’re looking for something. Then you come across these ‘sex dolls’. You think, I wonder what that is all about? You check out different models and many dolls and sellers’, after all that effort to find the right one, you put down your hard-earned money for the perfect companion. Thank you for choosing Ainidoll! We’re happy to be able to meet your needs and here some tips for caring sex dolls.

We want to help you avoid some common problems and how to overcome those problems that may arise as a new doll owner. We’re going to show you how to care for your new companion, so you’ll be able to enjoy her company for years to come.

Happy Doll Day! Your new doll has arrived, and you feel like a child at Christmas! You can’t wait to see her and get to know one another! It’s a very exciting day! Don’t be alarmed when some things don’t go as well as you thought they would. We’re here to help you adjust to living with and enjoying your new companion.

Her hands and feet should be well protected in shipping. They package the dolls thoroughly and carefully to insure minimal if any damage in shipping. By carefully removing the packaging, you can avoid causing tears or abrasions while removing taped on packaging. Her head will be inside a bag wrapped in foam between her legs. She’ll have an eye mask to protect her lashes.

Cornstarch or baby powder is recommended weekly to keep your doll soft and smooth. You may want to put some powder inside the head and around the neck joint, so the top of her neck doesn’t want to stick to the head as you screw it onto the body. If her head feels loose or stops facing an awkward direction, you can try an M16 flat washer or two to change where it stops and some Teflon tape on the threads to help any wobble she may have. She’s just saying ‘Yes’ all the time!

If your doll has standing feet, make sure her legs are fairly straight or slightly apart and her knees are locked when you go to stand her up, or she’ll collapse. There are three bolts on the bottom of her feet to adjust her balance. They’re usually loose enough to adjust by hand. You may need an Allen wrench. Many owners keep socks on the doll’s feet. Dragging on carpet will tear up the bottom of her feet. Always try to lift your doll straight up and down when moving her. The leveling screws can leave holes in the socks. Ankle socks are fairly inexpensive.

She could also slide on hardwood and tile floors, causing her to fall and scratch up the floor, socks or no socks. Using a bathmat style throw rug for her to stand on can help. The kind with rubber backing to keep from sliding. Never overtighten anything or try moving her limbs past their stopping points. Everyone always has their dolls using a chair, leaning on one knee or sitting or some other prop to lean against. Just leaning her against something will help insure she won’t fall over, which could cause significant damage, not covered by warranty. Always have three points of contact. We don’t ever want our companions falling over.


Hayden’s broken finger.

For dolls without standing feet. always use a non-standing position. Kneeling, sitting, or lying positions help distribute her weight. The end of the internal skeleton will push through her heels if you stand her with her full weight vertical. You’ll see these types of dolls posed in a leaning or other position so most of the weight is not on her feet. For all dolls, don’t put much weight on her hands or support her weight on her hands. You could wind up with a similar problem with the wrists. For any bent over position, try to lean her along the forearms. This better distributes her weight.

Most dolls come standard with wire frame fingers, try not to bend them too much or too often. No matter how careful you are, over time, one finger or more will eventually break internally, sometimes leaving the wire poking out. Try to carefully insert it back in, but if you must remove it, she will have a floppy finger. The new articulated hand option is well worth avoiding this common problem. It’s been suggested putting socks or mittens over her hands while dressing her to avoid any breakage.

First wash any clothing you’re going to put on your doll with like colors, and I mean like all the same color, reds with reds, blues with blues, and yellows with yellows; in hot water to remove any excess dyes. Do it twice to be sure. It’s important to avoid color transfers onto your new doll. This can be very difficult to correct. If it happens, here’s what has been learned from other owners. Keep acne cream handy. It contains 10% Benzyl Peroxide. smear on stained area and leave overnight. Then wipe clean. You may have to do this a few times for a deep stain. Then oil and powder as recommended.

To recolor certain areas of your doll that may have gotten removed accidently while oiling your doll. A few suggestions from other doll owners. One person uses eyeshadow lightly mixed with the mineral oil to create almost a paste, then starting from the nipple, using a narrow make-up brush, with a light shade, working outward to where you’d like. Then adding darker shades as desired. This will last about a month or so. Dirt, make-up, and factory coloring will be removed when using mineral or baby oil and a micro-fiber cloth, so be careful around those areas where you don’t want factory color removed.

Your doll is made of TPE, a rubber/plastic material with a honeycomb-like structure. Putting your doll in the shower or bath is not a good idea. If she has standing feet, the water can get in through her feet, rusting the skeleton. Non-standing feet, you could have a bath with her, just be careful of getting any water in the neck connector. And especially if she has internal heating, I would avoid this altogether.

Water can also get into the power jack and cause major problems, possibly shorting out or causing fire later. Any water getting in through the neck connector will rust the inside of your doll. If need be, mild soap and water and a washcloth is fine. Even though this new material is made with significantly less oil than older versions of TPE, it will still leach some of the oil over time.

Rubbing your doll monthly or at least 4 to 6 times a year with baby oil or mineral oil will re-hydrate the material, leaving your doll soft and supple, and help her to last much longer. You want a fair amount, but not so much as to cause puddling. Some people just rub it on their doll like massage oil, others put some on a microfiber cloth, adding as needed while they work their way over the doll. Most people lay down a few towels under the doll, oiling the front, flipping her over, then oiling the back. Leave the oil soak into the TPE for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Using a microfiber cloth will help to remove any dirt. Don’t use paper towels or anything that would result in lint. She may feel a little tacky. Now powder her all over using cornstarch or baby powder. Brand doesn’t matter. Most people use baby oil and baby powder so they’re doll will smell nice. Experienced doll owners say this is important. You want her to smell nice! You should powder her every two weeks or when she starts feeling a little tacky. This will keep her nice and smooth.

If you decide you would like to find a nice perfume you prefer, go for it! Spraying a little on her clothes will give her a pretty scent. Don’t put it directly on the doll. Over time it could cause problems because most perfumes contain alcohol, which can dry out the material.

Painting her nails is fine, however, be extremely careful. You don’t want nail polish anywhere but the nails. Nail polish remover contains acetone which can seriously damage your doll. You’ll have to keep painting over them to change colors.

The next thing that will happen no matter how careful you are, is one or both of her eyelashes will come off. Not to worry. You can buy them in most stores in any cosmetic section. You can use either nail/eyelash glue or any type of super glue sparingly. You can also use this for reglueing nails that may come loose. A common problem, not a defect. You can remove the eyes by carefully pulling down on the lower eyelid and reaching in using a flat, blunt object or your finger to remove her eyeball. It’s a half cup with cotton behind it. Doing this makes it easier to glue an eyelash without getting glue on her eyeball. I have used nail polish remover to remove glue from her eyeball, better to avoid that problem.

Carefully reverse the process to replace her eyes. You can adjust the amount of cotton to make her eyes stick further out or in. Too little and they will be loose and rolling around in there. Also, with some practice, you can adjust which way she’s looking which helps with photography.

If your doll comes with internal heat, you’ll find the controller packed in with her accessories. Carefully plug the small, round plug into the jack located at the base of the neck. Then the power cord into the unit, make sure it’s tight, not loose. Then plug it into a socket. It’s very low power, gentle heating. It takes a good hour of her being plugged in to feel the warming sensation.

The heating coils run about halfway between the spine and the outer skin and around the hip-stubs where the leg joints attach. You’ll feel the warmth the most in her lower back area, she’ll be warm internally also. Don’t worry about leaving her plugged in too long. The maximum temperature won’t exceed the melting point.

There have been rare occasions of a failure that ended up destroying the doll. This is extremely rare, not to worry. Like anything electrical, best to not leave her unattended while heating, to be safe. These units have an auto shut-off after a few hours. Haven’t figured out how to change to English/Fahrenheit, really doesn’t matter though. Just adjust the left arrows until you see 35C-48C which is the ‘lower’ limit setting, and the right arrows (‘upper’ limit setting) to wherever you’re comfortable. The max is 50C. Room temperature is around 23C.


Store bought douche.

Always use a water-based lube with your TPE doll. Keep her insides clean and dry. She comes with a small douche, but you can get a four pack at the grocery store or pharmacy in the feminine hygiene isle. I refill mine. If you’ve never had to pick up tampons for a wife or girlfriend, don’t be embarrassed, no one really cares.

Cleaning her immediately after use will insure nothing smelly or strange will happen…or grow. Most people just put a towel under her butt and maybe some paper towels. Squirting a mild vinegar solution will clean her out. Do it a few times and move her so it drains out. Some people put their doll on the toilet to do this, I find that to be too much effort. You could also use some hydrogen peroxide, then rinse. I wouldn’t recommend rubbing alcohol as it may dry out the TPE, but I’ve also been told otherwise.

The idea is to disinfect her so there are no problems. The vinegar solution doesn’t need to be super strong. 10%-20% is fine. I find her not to smell like vinegar after she’s dry for sure. You can use Bounty or a strong paper towel that won’t shred easily to dry her. Twist a few sheets together so it’s easier to work inside. Or a soft terry cloth towel. You have to gently and carefully work it in and let it wick for a few minutes. Also, a great solution is drying sticks. They sell them on Amazon. You leave them in and they absorb the moisture. I’ve tried tampons but they don’t seem to absorb water as well.

Correct Way.
Incorrect Way.

Her hair. Using wig caps can help in keeping the wig in place. The lightest color is best, again to avoid staining. You can find them on Amazon or any wig supply or beauty store. The proper way to use the straps is to overlap them, hooking them across one another. Not hooking the hooks together.

The wigs tend to get tangled quickly if you’re not careful. Laying her down in the bed, changing her clothes, moving her around. They come with a small comb, but I found it to be too fine. I use a comb from an inexpensive kit. It has a 3-pronged pick on one end, and a course and fine comb on the other. Start at the ends working your way up using the coarsest to the finest, gently working any knots out with our fingers. Ripping her hair out is not good. She’ll be bald before you know it.

Then sometimes I use a natural hair brush to smooth it out. Don’t use those plastic ones with the nubs, it’ll just get tangled. You should rarely have to wash her hair. I’d say, do it once, then condition with a good conditioner, rinse really well. I use a plastic dish tub when I clean and condition their wigs. I press it dry between the towel, never rubbing it, it’ll just get tangled. Using a leave-in, detangling, conditioning spray can help. If you spray it on when it’s wet, it won’t get cakey on you. Then work it throughout the hair with the comb or brush. Once again, her hair will smell wonderful!


Leave in conditioners.


Natural hair brushes.

Don’t try using anything with heat on her wig. It will melt. No heated curlers, curling irons, or blow dryers. These will ruin her hair. Also, that pick side of the comb is great for doing braids, if your doll has straight hair. I don’t do much with wavy or curly wigs except the occasional beret or hair clip. I found small hair ties in the baby section for doing miniature pig-tails and pony-tails.

I found this YouTube video to be very helpful.

Have a wonderful time with your new companion! You’ll soon find yourself spending more on clothes for her.

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