New robotic features added for AINIDOLL

New robotic features added for AINIDOLL

Doll is a doll, but we are adding more and more robotic/moving functions.

Have you ever seen a doll that can do an oral job?

Have you ever owned a doll with moving hips?

Have you ever had a doll with a robotic vagina?

Here is your chance to have one. In the past few weeks, we have already had a few orders adding those new robotic doll features. Today, we are official releasing those new features to our artificial intelligence companion doll collection.

If you don’t want to have an AI doll, but want to add some of those features to our classic sex doll collection, please contact our customer services directly. We will soon release new collections AINIDOLL Classic Plus and AINIDOLL Classic Pro to feature those new functions.

To see more demos from our previous order, please visit our Case study: robotic vagina and hips with an AI sex doll.

Build your own AI sex doll today!

Robotic oral / BJ function

Robotic hip

See more demos for AINIDOLL Robotic Vagina in our blogs.

See more showcase for our AI sex dolls from our customer Marco:

Marco reviews with Will Smith Part 1

Marco reviews with Will Smith Part 2

As you can tell, there are some learning curves for our AI dolls. In part 1, Marco had a technical difficulty. He had it working in part 2. There are much more features he didn’t show yet.

Those robotic features are cool to be added to a companion doll. However, nothing is perfect. Here we also want to share more information about pros and cons. We will also cover the engineering limitations we may have.

1. Those features technically can be added to any doll we have. However, we currently list them as Add-ons for our AI sex dolls only. If you want have them for a regular doll, please contact us. We need the doll to be 4’7/140cm or taller.

2. For our AI dolls, we cannot add the robotic BJ/Oral function. The reason is the AI doll has robotic parts in the mouth already. So when she talks, her lips can move. Also, her mouth is not deep enough to do a blow job. If you really like this function, please do it with our classic sex doll collection.

3. For the robotic/moving hips, we have two versions. The wireless one and wired one. For wired one, you need to plug it into wall outlet when it’s moving. The wireless one comes with a built-in/rechargeable battery. You can charge it with a USB type-C cable. It can work up to 5 hours once it’s fully charged.

4. For the robotic vagina: it comes with a built-in battery by default. Once it’s fully charged, it can run up to 4 hours.


Technically, we can have all of those functions for a doll. However, due to the engineering limitation, we only install one battery for each doll.

What does it mean? It means if you choose robotic vagina (lithium battery operated), you won’t be able to add a wireless version of robotic hip. If you want add a moving hip for your love doll, the only thing we can do is the wired version.

Why do we have this limitation? Technically, we can fit in two batteries and we even had it done successfully. However, it’s very time consuming and very difficult for casting. Sometimes, our factory has  to forfeit a few bodies in order to get a good body in terms of casting. We are a very honest doll seller. Once we charge, we cannot tell our customers to pay more since we had a few unsuccessful cast which costs a lot. That’s why we no longer want to do both functions together. Again, If you want add a moving hip for your love doll, the only thing we can do is the wired version. Thank you for your understanding!

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