Some Doll News

Some Doll News

     These are the Pipers I received by accident. The good news is not only have my girls arrived safe and sound, the two Piper Ariels have arrived where they belong.

     The TPE is called ‘Platinum TPE’ and it is really soft. You can squeeze all the way to the skeleton. It would be good to make a doll with a firm underlayer next to the skeleton, then like normal TPE, and cover it with 1/4″ to 3/8″ of this Platinum TPE. She would feel very realistic. Pipers feel much softer and more realistic, but to be that soft all the way through goes too far in the other direction in my opinion. Many Piper owners are extremely happy with their dolls. The wire fingers with remain an issue for any doll. I didn’t take them out or move them, just did a short softness video (see below), as I had never actually seen one up close. But I can imagine you’re just squishing against her skeleton, and it could be challenging to move them around. I can feel my dolls skeletons, but the Piper is much spongier.

     Piper dolls also have a seamless neck which means you can’t remove the head. The entire doll is cast as one piece and the finishing is much more involved. They have a different neck joint and a moveable wrist plate (extra joint) where the wire fingers tie into, rather than to the end of the forearm. My doll, Auri, has this same type of wrist, and it didn’t help from some her fingers eventually breaking. Piper doll wigs are customized to fit Piper dolls. The Pipers have about 10 different heads and a few with elf ears. They average around 140cm.

    The artist that created Piper dolls also has Doll Forever brand, more western looking. DollHouse (DH) 168 Dolls. more anime and Asian looking. Piper is more to his personal style. IrokeBijin is an anime inspired doll line that he also had a hand in creating. With them being Akane, which has more Asian features; and Shiori, which has bigger eyes, more western features. Most of these come in TPE and their ‘Platinum silicone’ (which is also softer than regular silicone) versions. His name is Mizuwali.

     Why would Ainidoll talk about other brands? We believe new and existing doll owners should be informed. To know the value other brands all bring to the doll community, and to show the value of Ainidoll as a quality, affordable brand. That we are an honest and transparent company, not looking to rip people off. We may be looking to venture into some of these brands, negotiating better prices for our customers. We’re still in the process of adding our own new models with new features, to our website.

     The reason I’m telling you all of this is word is Piper Doll may be relocating their production. One of the factories that make Ainidolls may be now making some of these brands. Seeing as how the shipping labels got mixed up from the factory explains that mistake.

     With Piper in transition right now, the brand may be changing. They are hoping to have more improvements to their product line. Same as Ainidoll and our partnership with SYDoll. Some of these things are also why people complain we’re using WM and other brands promo pics. They all come from the same place! Shady vendors that show up on the internet, looking to rip you off, are just stealing ours and other brands promo pics to make quick money, then disappear with your money when you receive an inferior doll.

     With so many choices in the marketplace, we hope you will choose Ainidoll. I have been very satisfied myself with the product!

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