The Story of Kaley

The beginning of one person's Journey into The Doll World.

     A big thank you to Ainidoll for giving me something I’ve lost all hope of ever having; a family. Thanks to Ainidoll, I’ve found a new hope and rekindled my creativity. How could I ever repay them?🤔 I know! 🌟 I’ll help them grow!

     It’s been 6 months since my first doll. I still can’t believe it! All the things I’ve learned from other doll owners, the supportive communities of ‘like-minded’ people, the new friends I’ve made, and the feeling that I’m no longer alone. Because at the end of the day, I feel like I have someone waiting for me! 😀

     First, let’s go back to the beginning. I really don’t remember what I had been doing online at the time? When I came across Ainidoll’s website. I thought, “How neat. These dolls look so real and lifelike. I never thought about a ‘sex doll’ before”? Just something I’d seen or heard about from time to time. I started looking through the different models and one of them just stood out for me. Kanyan. There was something about her that reminded me of a feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time. She was so pretty! She reminded me of an island girl, and a little of a girl I had known when I was young. (puppy love.)  Not knowing much about customizing them or options (you can do that?), I ordered her, a ready-to-ship model. When she arrived a short time later, I was surprised at the weight. 😮 It definitely adds to the realism! I never even considered it or paid attention to it at the time. Getting her inside and unpacked was, uhm, interesting…

     Once I got her unpacked and all sorted out, I put some of the clothes I had bought in anticipation of her arrival. Stunning! She looked amazing! She looked so lifelike, she felt so real, her hair was beautiful. The way I could move all of her limbs. She could sit, cross her ankles, look at me, hold my hand and… Once I got her standing, I leaned her against the bed and jut held her for a good, long, while. There may have been some tears of sadness, relief, and joy? I can’t say for sure? I think it was more like, “finally, you’re here and you’re real for me”.

                                                                                                                  to be continued…