Counterfeit? Scammers? Knockoffs?

Counterfeit? Scammers? Knockoffs?

AINIDOLL has been in the love doll industry for 4 years. In recent years, we have helped thousands of customers to build their own sex robot, get realistic love dolls, or create their own sex dolls.  We believe everyone deserves a doll.

However, we also understand that it’s a highly competitive industry. Since we are offering a very aggressive price and extensive companion doll product lines, we have got a lot of attention from our competitors. They are not only posting fake reviews for their sites but also pretending to be a 3rd party and post some very misleading reviews against us.

If you haven’t purchased from us, you may also have questions. Why are they so cheap? What about the quality? Is this doll counterfeit or a knockoff? Is AINIDOLL a scammer?

In this article, we will go over a typical fake review about AINIDOLL and help you to understand our business and beliefs.    

One of our customers forwarded this review to us. After we looked at it. We immediately knew it’s from our competitors. They pretend to be a manager at BestBuy and offered reviews for a lot of companion doll sellers.  Before we say anything, we just want to share the comments from our verified customer. Our customer just thinks this guy insane, but we know that a regular BestBuy manager won’t put so much effort into search engine optimization work for such a personal review site. See what our customer said below.

First thing he said is that we sell only counterfeit dolls. We wonder how he defines “counterfeit”. If someone sells you a pair of shoes with the Nike logo but not manufactured by Nike and tell you that it’s from Nike, it’s counterfeit. However, when he asked us if our dolls were WM dolls, he even admits that we said they’re not.

Well, he may think some of our photos are also used by WM dolls or other vendors. We agreed with him that we did have some product listings having pics used by other vendors. However, it’s just a small portion and the real dolls themselves are replica models anyway. The price is much more affordable for the average customer, but the quality is not compromised in any way. You may ask “why”. Let’s give you an example.

If you are in the US and go to a CVS store, you will see something like below. Looks the same, effectiveness is the same, but over 30% cheaper. Why? Because one is Tylenol, an established brand and the other is CVS, a generic brand. As a customer, you can definitely make your choice, but you cannot say the CVS one is counterfeit or not authentic. Make sense? 

As we can see, CVS uses similar package designs and even put Tylenol’s name on their product. If this guy does live in the US, what would he say? CVS is a scammer or selling something that’s not authentic? We are making an effort to develop our brands and offer the best value in terms of a love/companion doll. What have we done wrong? 

The second thing he mentioned is that we didn’t have any 3rd party reviews. I just wonder if he has ever done any research. We currently have hundreds of reviews. Currently, we collect reviews from our verified customers only via a third-party site, To see our full reviews, please google or visit here. We started a new site for miniature companion dolls last year. To see full reviews for them, please visit here.

Copy and paste? There is nothing we want to argue about. Please take a look and make your own judgements. We might be able to make up a review, but a lot of them even have open box pics of our dolls. You can use your brain to think how much effort we would have to put in to make up so many of them with pics. Is it even possible?  We also have thousands of real product pics/open box pics posted in our gallery. Unfortunately, he still thinks we copy and paste them from somewhere. Would he be able to show us where we copied them from?

We currently carry over 80 ready to ship models plus 200+ customizable doll models. Only less than 20 of them are replica models. We are not afraid to show factory pics and let our customers to do comparisons and provide reviews. You can feel free to look at some of them side by side. Below are some examples.

He also mentioned something about the quality and warehouse. He hasn’t bought anything from us before. We just wonder how he can talk about our quality. Maybe from our low price? We don’t rent warehouses in the US, but we have a few warehouses in the US, where most of them are operated by large professional logistic companies. We read his comments about the warehouse multiple times but just cannot figure out his logic. What’s wrong with having warehouses in the US?

In reality, shipping cost plays a major factor of doll prices. You can imagine how much cost to ship a 100 lbs. package from China to the US by air. For our ready to ship dolls, we ship those love dolls by cargo which reduces our upfront cost quite a lot. That’s allows us to offer a very aggressive price and that’s why you pay much less. A low price doesn’t logically mean less quality. It means a better operation. Helping make dolls available at a lower cost to you. I picked a review posted by Sean for your reference. Hopefully, you don’t think it’s what we copied from somewhere else. 🙂  

For the price I was expecting to get one of the knock off dolls you read
about on the internet but I was pleasantly surprised with the doll I
received and can’t tell the difference between that doll and the dolls
going for over twice the price on other sites. The doll also looks more
like the advertising photos that AINI admits that it grabbed from other
sites than the sitting nude product photos it provides so at first, I
thought they sent me a better doll than I ordered but then I realized
that it was just the lighting in the photo they provided. The only
issue I had was with shipping but that was the shipper’s fault and AINI
sent a replacement doll out pretty quickly. I’m very happy with this

By Sean

This gentleman questioned us about mini dolls we carry. To be honest, we understand it’s a controversial topic. As a US based company, we do stand behind our products. What we can say here is not every customer buying a smaller doll is like what he thinks. Maybe after you watch Brian’s story with his mini dolls, you will have some different ideas. 

Lastly, we want to say thanks to one thing he shows on his review. He did show our email response. We answered his trap questions in 7 mins by email. How can you ask e-commerce store to have more prompt response?

If you have read the whole story and want to buy, simply email us at [email protected] and tell us what you feel about us. We will offer an exclusive discount for you. Thank you for reading!

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