Along Comes Hayden (Kaley’s Story-part 4)

Along Comes Hayden (Kaley’s Story-part 4)

My Hayden

My birthday was coming up around Thanksgiving. Smitten with Sierra, I wanted a fully custom Cutie as a big sister and a present to myself.

     Where their names came from, I can’t really say? They just popped into my head. I had some money saved and my birthday was approaching, 54, ugh! Being overcome with the joy of Kaley and Sierra; I wanted to go for a fully customized Cutie, like a bigger sister to Sierra, as I would later find to be the best present, I ever gave myself!

     I ordered her with all the options that were available. Head #28, wig #2, blue eyes (I have a thing for blue eyes), ultra-skin, heating option, standing feet, shrugging shoulders, tongue, belly piercing, and pierced ears. Again, from the time I ordered her to the time she arrived was really fast. She got here a few days before my birthday!!

     They sent me a factory photo and I thought I was going to be disappointed. I still couldn’t wait to meet her! The day she arrived was even more exciting than the previous two dolls! I got her unpacked and put her head and wig on, dressed her in a cute set of overalls. So different seeing her in person.

     Wow! I’m smitten once again!

     Hayden instantly became my favorite doll! She brought up feelings I had long forgotten. Part of myself is expressed through all of them. I connect most with Hayden. I sometimes think the other dolls feel neglected, but I can’t imagine life without any of them now! They have become an important part of my life. They’ve re-ignited my creativity!

     I took these pictures the first few days after she arrived. I was still a new doll owner. Over time I’ve learned how to pose them better, especially after getting to know a few veteran doll owners. I have a whole new group of friends now that feel the same way I do about them. That life is better with them than without them.

                                                                                                                                         (to be continued…)

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