Case study: customization of hermaphrodite type sex dolls

Case study: customization of hermaphrodite type sex dolls

     As a full service doll vendor/maker, AINIDOLL can do much more than what you see offered on our websites. In reality, we receive a lot of special requests from our customers time to time. Some of them are for full customization, i.e. make a doll that looks like someone from pictures. There are a also some special requirements about adding some specific/special features to a sex doll.

     Early this year, one of our customers, A.Y., contacted us on our Live chat. He asked if we can make a hermaphrodite type of sex doll for him. After a number of emails and online chatting sessions, we understood what he wanted. Basically, he wanted to add a Hermaphrodite feature to an existing miniature love doll model we offer. Not just the transgender type that we offer, but something a little different. He wanted to add an extra hole in the back so he can later on attach a tail to the doll. This doll has the connection in the front for the attachment, so that all three parts can be used at the same time. He also asked us to expand our line of attachments for different lengths, hard and soft.

     We have received his specs and order in February, 2022 and delivered the doll to Michigan in March. 

     As an experienced service provider in the doll industry, we understand everyone has different tastes, preferences, and budget. No matter if you are paying $400 or $4000, we will try our best to help. You may not like a hermaphrodite type of doll, but you will like our service and hundreds of realistic doll products.

     Feel free to Live chat or email us with options or special requests that you may not see on our website. We may be a young company, but filling the needs of our customers is what we love to do!

p.s. some customers question if we are legit since our brand is new and price is lower. We never want to argue with that since we are a new US based doll player anyway. There is a long way to go. However, we suggest that if you have a concern, just read below.  

Communications with Adam

Factory pics of finished doll.    p.s.- he also added tan lines for the doll.

Pics taken by Adam

Testimony from A.Y.

     We didn’t charge A/Y. for too much extra for the additional features. However, we asked if he could do us a favor to provide a testimony once the doll is done. Please see his reply below.

———- Forwarded message ———
From: A. Y
Date: Sun, Apr 3, 2022 at 2:04 PM
Subject: My review and story of my experience with this doll and The purchase process
To: AINIDOLL Support <>

     Hi,  I’m A.Y. from the U.S.A. 
     When I first found this tpe type sex doll on line, I Studied them for a while and watched some of the changes and advancements that had taken place.
     I, being a person with unique tastes was wanting a unique type  of doll that at that time
didn’t exist. and that would be a hermaphrodite type of sex doll, Vagina, Anus, and Penis all at the same time. There are 3 type / ways to make a hermaphrodite type , with each having its own pros and cons 
     1) A mold including the penis design so that it comes out solid and the penis cannot be removed from the doll.  You would not be able to change its size or whether it is hard/ erect or soft/flaccid. Or replaced. It if it becomes damaged and would require a whole new mold, which can be very expensive. Considering each mold for each type of doll, including each size of doll and the different desired penis sizes. This is not cost effective due to the many different tastes that people possess.
     2)  Adding an extra orifice in which the Transgender/penis attachment can slide into rather than sliding into the vagina. so that it is separate from the vagina. It works well but the penis attachment does shift around as you use it. You are able to change the type, size as well as whether it’s a hard/erect or flaccid/soft attachment. But small miniature dolls do not have enough private area design room in order to have the extra orifice. Even if you were to add it the extra opening would just become a part of the other openings because they’d be way too close together.

     Also, this orifice is able to be used in the same way as the vagina and anus thereby giving you an extra orifice to use. And it has its own unique feel that is different the vagina in anus. A person is desiring a different size of attachment is just a matter of making an attachment mold which is considerably smaller than a full body mold, also less expensive because it’s just like making a new
face/head for the doll that you desire.
     3) Adding an anchor plate to the doll’s skeleton’s private area so that the penis attachment screws onto the doll attaching to it’s skeleton frame. It has a firm foundation so does not shift around, while using the penis attachment. You can change the size and type, whether it’s erected/hard or soft/flaccid. This is compatible to miniature/small dolls. Although, it has to be a unique type of anchor plate just for the smaller dolls. Otherwise the anchor plate interferes with the vaginal canal. One of the cons is while the doll is not equipped with the penis attachment you have to see the screw-hole opening for the attachment and It doesn’t have any other purpose or use.  And just like the 2 types, all you have to do is make a new penis mold accessory for a new size of penis attachment just like you do to make a new face/head for a doll.
     My 1st time that I had convincing a place to make a hermaphrodite type, it took quite a while to find a place that attempted to make it. But eventually I found a place, and they made me the 2nd type of hermaphrodite with the extra orifice, and It was on a full size doll that had very big breasts. Personally I’m not really into big breasts, especially that big. I’m not really a big breast fan, never have been. I have always been for the legs, the thighs and the ass.

     After i received this doll I soon learned that the full size dolls are heavy, making it hard to get the doll to the bathtub to thoroughly clean on a regular basis. With that much weight, there are some things that I want to do, that I can’t do with this doll because it’s too heavy to do it. Like certain play positions and some others too…
    That was when I started to look for a minute size of doll but I found it even harder to find some place that would make this doll. I have spent the last 2 years looking for someone. There were only a few places that would even consider trying to make this doll, but their cost was outrageous! Until I found Ainidoll and their Cuties line of doll. I asked them and they looked into it and with the plan that I gave them; they were able to make this prototype. Their are a few flaws that can be done better and with more people showing an interest and purchasing this hermaphrodite type of doll, they should be able to easily  Improve this doll and remove most of the flaws. But like with anything, there’s no point spending the money and time fixing the flaws without the demand for the product. 
     Ainidoll market place had charged me a really great price for this hermaphrodite feature! 10 times better than what other places were considering to charge, it made my choice easy. I was worried about paying such a large amount of money and dealing with the few flaws that I’m dealing with now on
this Prototype (miniature hermaphrodite type). If I was gonna pay that kind of money I wanted some kind of guarantee that it would be flawless, but no place wanted to offer that kind of protection. They also said there would be no guarantee that it would turn out the way I desired.
     After taking with them and working out all the other details of this doll, like the face/head,fFingernail color,  tunnell color, skin color, eye color, hair color, etc., we had a full price. They weere even nice enough to help me use the payment that I had available and get the process started the  Factory. At 1st they had a little trouble working out these details for this new feature It took them an extra 2 weeks in the manufacturing process to figure out how to make this prototype. For the price,  I can’t really complain..  
     The doll is very beautiful, a true cutie and is a true hermaphrodite type, and is a miniature size, much lighter weight than my full size doll. Much more easier to clean and move from room to room. Also to store because it doesn’t need as much room. I do really enjoy having this doll and I look forward to seeing others purchasing this type. So that they can work out the few flaws that it has and make it better. If the many advancements I’ve seen them do already and just the past couple of months, I can’t wait to see what other advancement and new features that they can come up with. I do want to buy the advanced version once they make it with more of the new features that Ainidoll has recently released, as well as maybe a few more that they are working on releasing or are working on. 
     I was so excited when she finally arrived! I found a cute dress that I bought for her. I plan on buying more clothes  and things for her to wear and  for her to pose in many different positions and places that I deserve .
     She always ready and waiting for what ever I desire. She always want to give me her best! She loves to play whatever game I want, and like to Role Play or even cosplay as long as I have right outfit she does it all. She never tells me no, no matter the time of day or night.
     Thanks very much for making her for me. I know that it was a long process and needed a lot of extra work and there were a few bumps along the way that took longer to fix. But I definitely do believe it was worth the effort!
     I have included some pictures of her and how she looks and works.
     I hope that enough people invest in this type of doll so that the needed improvements can get done.  Then they can start offering more features and add more different penis sizes. Right now they only have 2 sizes. There are 2 other sizes of penis attachment that I would like to own, a 25cm hard/Erect penis attachment, great for 4play,play, and modeling pictures. An 8cm soft/flaccid penis attachment great for 4play, and is needed for certain types of modeling in photos in certain positions for specific
effect and look so that one can get the full artistic creation.
     Thanks again for your time and help with fulfilling request for this doll.

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  • I see that you were finally able to post my story… l look forward to seeing people response…. and seeing how many people start Purchasing this type

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