How to choose clothes for a love doll?

How to choose clothes for a love doll?

Kevin is a return customer of AINIDOLL. He owns four dolls so far. One is from another vendor. The other three are all from AINIDOLL. Recently, he shared an interesting video of his dolls. If you’re wondering how to choose doll clothes, his video is your best bet.

Actually, we have a lot of customers asking us the same questions. What would be the clothes/shoe sizes of my doll? Different dolls may have different sizes, but Kevinn will share some of his experience, tips, and testimony. 

Just for your reference, in this video, three of our dolls are the following:

Kanyan – Classic Sex Doll 5′2” (158cm) Cup C

Build a Cutie doll 4‘2‘’ (128cm) Cup A

Sola flat chest doll 3‘3‘’ (100cm) Cup A

The other doll he purchased from, she’s just shy of 5′. But seems much shorter than his Kanyan model at 5’2″.

Besides sharing experience about love doll clothing sizes, Kevin also shared a lot of tips of doll maintenance, wigs, & makeup. He also talked about his relationship with the dolls. You may feel he has a lot in common with you. If you want to share your feedback or say “thanks” to Kevin, please let us know. We will pass the message.

Original Notes from Kevin

I did a few videos. My first AINIDOLL is a Kanyan model. At the time she was a Ready-To-Ship model. She came with standing feet and gel filled breasts. She’s a 5’2″ curvy model, D-cup. She’s the heaviest around 80lbs. I named her Kaley. She’s beautiful. Now that model is offered in a 5’2″ petite with C-cup. I would prefer that body type but I am very happy with her.

Buying clothes for the dolls has some challenges. First of all, I’m a man, shopping the women’s section, in Walmart. I need to find petite sizes that are quite small, even for her. I measured her at 35″, but the 34D size fits well. Her tops are a good size at small, like around 4. The bottoms many times, extra small, size 2. These are women’s sizes. I buy from a chinese company and she runs anywhere from small to medium, to large on a few dresses. Because of her bust. I go by each size guide link with each item. They’ve been great. Takes a few weeks for shipping. I’ve had no troubles.

Then came Sierra. She’s a Cutie with options. She’s 3’7″ version of the Sola model. She’s about 28lbs., much easier to move around. I started buying Old Navy and Gap with her. Here again, really small sizes can be hard to find. She’s like a kid’s extra small. more like toddler sizes, or XXS. I don’t like most of the styles. She’s a little sassy. About a 90 on the chinese sizes.

I was really over the moon when my 3rd AINIDOLL arrived in November. She was my Birthday present. I named her Hayden. She was more beautiful than the factory photos. Her hair was so much nicer looking. She’s a custom Cutie I ordered with most options. She’s 4’2″ slim. She runs about a 6-6X, 7 starts getting big. Depends on the style. She can wear smalls. These are kid’s sizes. Usually like 6Y, 7Y, kids/girls small. For the chinese sizes she’s around 110. 100 will fit, 120 starts getting big.

They all have Sketchers. Kaley’s a 5 to 6 women. She has a size 13 kids sneakers (Skechers) that fit. Hayden’s like a size 3 kids, and Sierra has a size 3 pair and a size 11 children’s boots. They do not fit Hayden. Hayden’s boots are a kids 5 that also fit Kaley. Their feet are almost the same size.

Along comes Auri, that I bought from another company. Her sizes are more junior, petite. She’s been wearing size 2, but the bottoms are too big. I need to get more clothes for her. She’s listed as a 32C, so I just stick with that. She can get away with the larger girl sizes like 12Y or 13Y. Small dress sizes and XS tops. Again, very petite. She’s right around 5′, weighs about 65lbs. Her feet are slightly smaller than Hayden’s, so at least they can all trade off on shoes.

Really you need to fully measure them. Leg and arm length, torso (shoulder to waist), bust, waist, hips. Then you’ll have a much easier time deciphering sizes. They’re all different, not like men and boys. They have 3 types of women’s sizes, then juniors, kids, and children. XXS being the hardest size to find in women’s and girl’s.

Kaley would like to start doing some clothing for dolls. Many times the clothes just don’t quite fit. The sleeves are too long or short. Same with the pants. We’ll see?

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