Is Ainidoll a Scam or Legit?

Is Ainidoll a Scam or Legit?

We understand that the doll industry is a fully competitive environment. As a legit new brand, we have been growing dramatically since last year. We have gained a lot of customers and made a lot of doll lover friends. However, we also heard a lot of unfair voice and critics. Our goal to make our clients happy has not been deterred though, that is how we know we are growing!

Since we are new, a lot of customers asked us some questions at beginning. Are you legit? Is it a scam? Am I going to get the dolls similar to the pics? Why can’t we see any reviews about your site on the internet? Are you selling knockoff dolls? We know the value of every customer. The questions only meant that we were getting noticed, and so we took them positively! That is exactly why we will honor our customers and answer every single one of them.

In this article, we will address your concerns.

1. Is AINIDOLL a scam? How legit is it?

There are a lot of fake review sites running by bots. Below is an example.

To begin with, the reason they said we are “suspected” is ridiculous! “Poor popularity” is the main reason they provided. They used data from Alexa which is a top internet data provider. Does that sound convincing in any way?

The truth of the matter is that they posted the data from early last year when Alexa had not started to capture our data. What is even more interesting is that this site has never updated the data.

What is the truth of the matter? We always love giving our customers tangible evidence to any claim. You can check our Alexa ranking at What you will get to see is that as of 05/28/2021, our global ranking is 140K and the US ranking is 16K. It is legit , right?

You might not have a clue in relation to what the presentation above entails, but let’s provide some benchmarks. Those sites are all doll sellers existent in the market that we have a lot of respect for. They are either way more famous in the doll industry or have a lot of exposures on internet. Compared to them, you can see our growth and where we are.

We agreed that “low popularity” may flag a potential scam. However, considering that we are new in the market, and according to our ranking on the charts, we are popular! Data tells the truth.

Below are what other sites have as of 05/28/2021. 509,748 175,124 619,375 214,002

Another example is from a site called They also questioned if we are legit and gave us 50.7/100. This was an absolute shame since they never presented data that is up to date. All they did was highlight outdated data about our site. Again, we don’t want to argue with them, but just talk by data.

2. Do you guys sell knockoff dolls?

We uphold the virtue of honesty above everything else. That being said, we do have some dolls using pics which are also used by other brands. However, if you really think about it, is there anything wrong with that? Let me give you some examples to explain why there is nothing wrong with that. You may buy branded medicine for 20 bucks, but you can also choose a generic one for 12 bucks also at CVS. As long as it can relieve your cough, does it really matter to you what it’s called? Another example is that you can buy a pair of brake pads for $600 at a dealership. Alternatively, you can get a pair of OME pads for $300 at AutoZone. As long as it works and can make your car stop, what’s wrong with it?

They Are Popular Sex Dolls We  Love 

Some of the pics we used are just popular doll figures. They are out of the same casting molds with some manual sculpture works. Essentially, it’s like making a bolt. A factory in China can make it while another factory in Sri Lanka may do the same. Copyright? A watermark on the doll pics doesn’t claim copyright at all. That gives a perfect layout, and explains why there is no problem at all, when we use the same pics.

Manufacture With Quality As Top Priority 

Our factory, in an effort to maintain high standards for our customers, has hired a lot of technicians from Jinsan, the original manufacturer of WM dolls. This is information you may access at our factory info page. We believe we are not only delivering the same doll figures but also a better quality and unbeatable customer services as a US based company.

What A Top Reviewer Said About Us?

A while ago, I had some email conversations with Steven, who used to run a doll store but has now opened a doll forum. A lot of people asked him if we are legit. Even though we have different business models and options on dolls, we highly respect his professionalism.

Review by Steven

Nearly 20% picture sets from our site are used by other more famous doll brands across the US and beyond. We agreed on most of what he said. We also have full confidence in our products and services. To address his concerns and also a lot of customers concerns, we are launching an order showcase to show you what we have delivered. This is because we want to build more trust with our customers and promote transparency.

Here we also want to share some pics from our customers. They have a different voice on “knockoff” dolls. 

Jennifer – Classic Sex Doll 5′4” (163cm) Cup E Ready-to-ship

Comments and the pic are from our customer Robert

Pictures of Andrea from verified customer
Andrea's picture taken by customer

Andrea – Classic Sex Doll 5′2” (158cm) Cup C Ready-to-ship

Comments and the pic are from our customer Bruce

3. Why do you sell so cheap?

Compared to some other big brands, our sites are offering a fairly low price. We do it for a few reasons: 

First of all, we want to serve more doll lovers as a new brand. Not everyone has a budget to afford a two thousand dollar doll which is the kind of price on most sites. So what could possibly stop us from offering something that is a legit alternative, at a lower price? 

Secondly, our Ready to Ship dolls are shipped to the US and EU by cargo which consequently reduces our cost and thus allows us to offer a much lower price. More importantly, we do believe in the fact that building our brand is more important than making a profit. For example, compared to some other sites selling 3’3 dolls at $700+ range, we only sell starting at $400. We want more customers to give us a try and grow with us. 

So far, even though some people have tried to bring us down, we have seen positive growth. What we promise our customers, and any other person that wishes to shop with us, is that they should expect the best quality dolls!

4. Still have questions and concerns?

Sure, check out our pic wall and previous deliveries. We are sure you will find something you like. You can also simply reach our customer care directly.

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