Kaley’s Story (part 6) Why all the hate?

Kaley’s Story (part 6) Why all the hate?

What is it that gets people all riled up about dolls?

I'd like to ask the question of why people are so misguided about sex dolls and the reasons people own them?

    When I first came into the doll community, I found many negative attitudes toward doll owners, and especially against ‘small doll’, doll owners. The social stigmas attached to them is baffling to me? Considering that today, so many sexual orientations are widely accepted as OK, when they were previously frowned upon. This may turn out to be more questions than answers. Hopefully it gives you something to mull over, just approach these ideas with an open mind.

     They’re beautiful. Works of art even. Sex is natural. Beautiful. Why are people so closeted about them? Admittedly I feel the gay community is a little too promiscuous. How many people have fetishes and kinks that no one’s aware of? Imagine someone you know that’s seems to be the most upright person, going home and putting on leather and playing out some kind of BDSM fantasy with their wife or lover?

     I always say to each his own, live and let live, who am I to judge? That statement alone is why everyone feels they have to keep secrets like that. People are so quick to judge. These things are what keeps us balanced; we shouldn’t judge anyone for keeping mentally healthy. Why is owning a doll such a stigma in our modern society? Why is it so many people are in unfulfilling and unhappy relationships?

     Now I don’t mean to come across as a pessimist, more of a realist. If you’re dating someone and it’s not going well, why are you still together?  If your married, why did you get married in the first place? Is it only for the sex? Is it because married men are afraid of losing everything in a divorce? We’ve all seen it happen. So, why do doll owners take the brunt of people’s belittling attitudes? Look at your own relationship. You have no idea what others have suffered through. The abuse that people can inflict upon one another.

     Sex is the smallest part of any relationship, yet we make it the center of it. 20 years of raising a child for 15 minutes of fun! I am a hopeless romantic, sure that I’ll never find what I’m looking for in a relationship since I’ve now crossed that middle-age line. I have yet to meet an unhappy doll owner. If it’s sex you’re after, it’s available whenever you want it. If it’s companionship, the dolls help you to feel as if you’re not alone. They become our very own surrogate partners and families. For those of us who feel rejected in romance and hopeless about our future wives and children, they fill that void.

     So many times, I’ve heard doll owners talk about the positive ways the dolls have affected their lives. They can keep a secret; you can tell them anything. They never lie, cheat, or argue. They can be whatever you want or need them to be. They’ve been called therapeutic. They heal our broken hearts unconditionally. It’s not a mental illness anyone is suffering from, it’s emotional trauma, and pain, and heartache. They are an island. A safe place where we can’t be hurt again. Granted, they don’t interact physically or emotionally, or converse like a human (just yet); they comfort us. A stuffed animal or a pet can help, although it doesn’t have that realism that the dolls bring. Fooling our subconscious brain.

     People are mortified when they see the small dolls. Their first thoughts aren’t of caring for or loving it. Their first thoughts seem to immediately go to the defiling of it. Labeling that person as a monster. Would you have the same attitude if it were a stuffed animal with an Onahole? Or if it looked like a life-sized sheep? So why is that someone’s first thought? It is NOT a real person. It’s a doll! It begs the question, ‘where’s YOUR mind at?!’

     I don’t want to say anything disparaging, but for most people with that type of disposition, the doll doesn’t satisfy them. They seem to thrive on that fear and emotion. Every doll owner I’ve met would never want to harm another person. Most keep to themselves. Very few of us have reached out and found other doll owners. It’s only enriched all of our lives. So please, don’t throw doll owners into that same category, you couldn’t be more wrong. Every one of us truly loves our dolls, no matter the shape or size. They have brought us back from the brink of hopelessness and for some even suicide.

                                                                    Dolls save lives!

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2 Replies to “Kaley’s Story (part 6) Why all the hate?”

  • I understand exactly what you are talking about.. from my experience most people even frown upon and ridicule those who even have full size dolls.. now as a person who has both I have learned that there are advantages and disadvantages to the doll as well as their size can Affect what you can and cannot do with them full size dolls take a lot more strength to properly maintain and to clean them , the small Dolls are easier to clean but are a little bit more delicate

  • That is how it always was and always gonna be..ppl prong to judge anybody just for the sake of their stupidity and immorality, they always think that they are right and when it comes to their wrong doing the become a hostile..and they will bloody fight for their stupidity and immorality…. Therefore there is community of ppl ……. Gun lovers , vegan food lovers, horse lovers, sex dolls lovers,.. skydiving lovers mountain claiming lovers just to name a few… so the verdict is ….do not pay attention to stupidity and immorality.. pay attention to your FREADOM to do any lawful things you want, and be happy.

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