Knockoff dolls or the best value options in the market?

Knockoff dolls or the best value options in the market?

A lot of customers ask us, “what does the doll really look like?”. “Does she look like the promotion pics?” The answer is yes and no.

We say no because the promotion pics are taken by professional photographers in the studio. There is no way they will be the same as the real product. Also, the real dolls usually have different makeup and outfits. Therefore, the answer is NO.

We say yes because the dolls are out of the same casting molds. The face and body will be the same.

We cannot guarantee to give you something that looks 100% the same as the promotional pictures. If someone told you they can sell you that exactly, they are lying. However, at AINIDOLL, we want to be 100% transparent to you.

Here we are presenting some ready-to-ship selections we have on hand. Some pics are from the factory or our customers. You can tell us if it’s knockoff or the same one.

Pictures of Paityn is from our customer Nick L.

If you are a purchased customers and have any nice doll pics to share, please contact us at [email protected]

We offer store credits to appreciate your work.

Lastly, check out our pic wall and previous deliveries. We are sure you will find something you like.

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