The Story of Chi, One of Our Featured Cuties

The Story of Chi, One of Our Featured Cuties

“Hi, My name is Chi.”

Many of our dolls are named for their interesting back-stories, Chi is no exception. She’s named for a character put forth in a manga series created in Japan, called a ‘persocom’. She embodies the idea portrayed in many Sci-Fi films, comics (manga), and literature of what AI can become in the not-so-distant future. We thought you may like to read more about her namesake. Here’s a Wikipedia link for you:

I’ve been enjoying the series, ‘Chobits’, on It’s 24 episodes. There were 2 that never aired, but may only be available on the DVD? You can sign up for a free account and watch an episode or more of some different shows, with ads on mobile app. They offer a tiered membership for those who love anime! After the 4th episode of ‘Chobits’ it locked into Japanese, I’d have to pay for English version.

So, I’m enjoying the subtitles while listening to and learning Japanese! 🙂
Chobits series on

Thanks to someone in the doll community on Discord who sent me this link!
You should check it out! Find ‘like-minded’ folks that understand and won’t judge. Look for Ainidoll.

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